I am


I am Sheree.

I am an educator and the voice for domestic violence.

I am here to teach the next generation of men and women about what abuse is, how to identify it and how to prevent it. I am here to let others know that you CAN get out. You CAN build a better life and live the life you truly deserve.

I am spreading my message through many domains including schools, workplaces, radio, private venues and local councils.

Watch my interview and hear what it's like to live with domestic violence
and how I managed to escape with my children.


The less we speak about domestic violence, the more we have to lose.

- Sheree Lucas Neto


My Survival Story

I was just 16 years old when I got into a very abusive relationship. Sadly, I stayed in this relationship for 16 years. During my hell on Earth, I had 2 beautiful children. They are my saviours. They are the light at the end of my tunnel. I realised I needed to leave this relationship for the sake of my children. So, one day I just packed up and left. Although, it was a very difficult time in my life, I knew it would be worth it in the end. I am now happy and free. I am living the life I deserve and far away from an abusive partner.


Contact Me and Safety Resources

Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries, bookings for talks or events or just to say “hey, great job!”.

You will also find an extensive list of resources that you can contact in case of an emergency at home, along with an effective safety plan if you’re planning on leaving your abusive relationship.


It's always a pleasure having Sheree speak at our classes here at Model Camp Australia. She is able to connect with our young impressionable models in a way that brings tears and joy to their hearts in one session. 
Her raw educational approach allows students to explore their emotions and prepare themselves for any potential roadblocks they may face in the future. 
I personally think it's such a refreshing idea to create a platform that educates the next generation, to tackle their everyday life with cautious open eyes. Also, speaking about taboo topics not only encourages others to participate in a conversation, but it also creates a support system for those that may be experiencing a similar position. It's very courageous for all parties.   
I would highly recommend Sheree as a guest speaker for your event! 

- Yasmin Walter, Model Camp Australia

Sheree is a writer of her soon to be launched book that details her experience of domestic violence. She endured domestic violence for several years and was lucky enough to free herself and her children from the debilitating situation. We were so very blessed to have her share her delicate story with us for the very first time publicly at our event 'She's Extraordinary' in conjunction with White Ribbon Australia's July campaign to stop domestic violence against women. Sheree inspired all the women in the room to know their worth, to understand the effects of domestic violence and educated them on what sort of different forms this can come in. As she spoke, the room fell still in silence as she painted the picture of her abuse, so clear she partly relived her horrible memories and her voice trembled. She had everyone in the room shedding a tear, the pain she felt was beyond anything we could have imagined. Yet, there she stood determined to make a difference and take a stand against it all. We had women walking away realising they had been the victim of this treatment in some sort of capacity without even knowing it. We raised money for White Ribbon and took our stance against domestic violence. Sheree is a teacher and hopes to be able to extend herself professionally to be able to educate young girls on what an abusive relationship looks like and the what the signs to look out for are. As well as educating young girls, she hopes to educate young boys and men who may not know what abuse actually is and how it is unacceptable.  

Sheree is a fighting spirit, strong and fierce and is the rock for her children who she helped saved from the spiralling out of control circumstance they all suffered. 
Sheree is a Wonder Woman.

 – Mastura Koelmeyer