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I am the voice of domestic violence.

 I want to be the voice for those who can't speak. Be the strength to those who need to survive. Be the light for those who are in darkness. Be the courage for those who want to leave.


Sheree: Domestic Violence Survivor
Heidi, Xavier and Ryan show Hit 92.9

What it's like to live with Domestic Violence. This survivor tells us exactly how brutal it was
and how she escaped with her two children.
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Domestic Violence

Heidi Anderson: What can be done about domestic violence

At least 60 women have been killed in Australia this year by a current or former partner. By the time you read this article, another death will have happened.

Why is this not a national emergency?


Sheree Lucas Neto - Speaking about Domestic Violence

The Vines: Wonder Women Project raises funds for White Ribbon Australia

Mrs Lucas Neto said talking openly was part of her healing process after leaving her partner of 16 years in September 2015. The northern suburbs resident said she suffered psychological and physical abuse and currently had a violence restraining order against him…


I am Sheree - Perth

Coming Soon: Autobiography

I’m not writing this for fame or fortune. I’m writing this for those who are too scared to leave. Those who may have been through this or are going through this, but mainly I am writing this book for those who aren’t experiencing this, but one day may. I pray that you will never ever go through what I have been through.

Imagine, living in a room and there’s a tiger roaming around outside. You are unsure of his exact location. You can hear him moving. You can smell him. You can get a blurry sense of where he is. That nerve wrenching feeling, if you make that one false move and he can pounce on you, attack you, make you feel like you’re nothing more than a rag doll. His grip around your neck is so strong and powerful, that you struggle to breath. The more you gasp for air, the tighter the grip becomes. No oxygen is reaching to your brain! You feel light headed and dizzy and then all of sudden, everything becomes pitch black…